September 3, 2010

Vehicles and Venues

Today, we are beginning a newsletter at EthicsPoint – send us your email to be added here - where we hope to keep clients better informed of informational and educational opportunities along with company and industry news and this is meant to be a kind of introduction. Likely the best way to do so is outlining the elemental shift in EthicsPoint’s strategy that’s occurred over the past year. While we have historically offered a hotline and case management solution, fundamentally we’ve always felt we were an awareness company – helping customers gain insight into the risks facing their operations through the effective collection, management and analysis of reported issues. As customer needs from a GRC perspective have changed, we’re changing with them – by providing solutions to specific business problems, such as complying with anti-fraud legislation like the Foreign Corrupt Practices and UK Bribery Acts, mitigating the risk posed by third-parties within supply chains, gaining deeper insight into the actual vs. perceived risks throughout your operations, etc.

To that end, we successfully made two acquisitions earlier this year and are close to assimilating both software solutions into our core framework. These acquisitions mark the expansion of our services, providing customers with more robust analytical, tracking and reporting tools, the first of which will be showcased at SCCE’s 2010 Compliance & Ethics Institute in Chicago on Sept 12-15. We’ll be in booth #200, we’d enjoy seeing you stop by for a demonstration!

From the outside it may be hard to perceive the changes we’re continually making at EthicsPoint, but we aim to constantly improve for both our customers and the industry. As always, we welcome your feedback so please feel free to contact me with comments and/or suggestions.


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